My son is 6 and has been attending Park Martial Arts, Pembroke Pines for almost a year now. When he started, he was this chunky, clumsy guy that couldn’t even kick a ball straight. His martial arts journey has been probably harder than some other smaller kids, but I must say it has been quite succesful. Today, he’s more confident, flexible, and strong. And we owe all this to Parks.

    This is an amazing place to learn respect, flexibility, coordination and good manners. Most of all, he’s been learning how to defend himself from well, anything that could happen in school.

    Reading bad reviews and shallow complaints about this academy literally breaks my heart. Saying things like this place has a scam contract, and hidden fees is nothing but empty comments. When you sign up for something, you have to know that it takes commitment, persistence, and money. And you know what will be the result will be when he becomes a black belt? a strong, confident individual, ready to face any challenge that
    life will give him/her.

    We dont pay for school. and unless you have your kid in a private school(doubt very much you’ll complain about money if you do) Maybe aftercare. So, paying for classes that will turn your kids into better people in the future should be priceless, and worth every penny you have to invest in them. Because when you do that for your kids, you are investing in their future person.

    Worried about paying a little bit extra here and there? Didn’t know about it? Guess what you had to do before going to google or facebook and leave a negative review: ask.

    This is an amazing academy, and having your kids train here under the wing of Sebastian or Manuel, is pure gold.

    Stop complaining about this place. Your kids deserve to become incredible people. And this company can provide exactly that.

    I am thankful they exist. You should be too.