It was the last night in Puerto Vallarta. For some reason, I couldn’t help feeling a bit nostalgic. I have this affinity with Mexico that I didn’t even know about. It was like I’ve been there before. That sensation of belonging that you don’t really get unless something really good happens. Even after hours of climbing endless stairs and sweating like… never, I felt curiously thrilled that this trip happened. Anyway, we were walking around old town looking for a place to eat with our new friends Cody and Liz (amazing people that were invited to work on photography and writing the story about Villas Mediterraneas).

When we got close to the ocean, Liz jumped right in! Followed by Cody. “These two are insane,” I thought. and I was not only because it was already dark, starting to rain and humid as hell. It was because I spend the night before listening to their story while sipping tequila by the pool.


After they got out of the water with that strange smile of working hard and not sleeping for two nights, I felt concerned about not having a towel for them but I had to stop myself. I am always doing that motherly thing. Why would I do that! Oh well…


We walk a block or two to find “Tuna Azul” a restaurant on a second floor that was fantastic (and completely empty)according to a lady that appear out of nowhere to recommend it. Of course, she was the waiter’s girlfriend. We sat down to look at the menu, and I told myself, just eat the freaking seafood. You are at a “seafood restaurant”. Right, I ordered the Seafood Marinara knowing I would probably hate but who cares. That last night was more about being there with great people and celebrating our last night in Puerto Vallarta than liking the food.


Tamarindo Margaritas, tequila sunrise, and some suspicious iced coca cola for Jason later we had a wonderful meal with great people. “We are walking back,” they say. -Oh no, I am not. I would probably die from a heart attack going up the hill with this weather.- So I got in a taxi with Jason and David right after they realized how crazy will be to talk up the hill. They would probably be partying again, I thought. But this time, all I could think of was going back to my loves, going back what I now call home.


It was 3 nights and 4 days of hard work, learning and enjoying a beautiful paradise that a visionary once falls in love with and decided to make it his. Every corner, every room, the crazy vegetation, the incredible pools, and even the scary ATV ride made this trip a wonderful adventure. Trust is a curious thing, and it didn’t hit me until I was back home how much I trust my bosses. I left the country with them!


I believe that all of our safety concerns about visiting Mexico are gone. Puerto Vallarta is an incredibly beautiful place and I have to say not even once I felt threatened or scared. People were nothing but nice, friendly and courteous. From the staff at Villas Mediterraneas, his owner, people that served our food from the fanciest restaurant to the taxi driver that brought us homemade tortillas. I was lucky to be there, I am lucky to be part of such an amazing company like Brandamos. Brand elevating is definitively my thing.