Jason notices how two butterflies that probably mated for life fly all over the crazy vegetation that surrounds Villas Mediterraneas. Mate for life -I repeat to myself, thinking how “for life” is a very long time. We look orange he continues. Funny he’s right. I took another picture of him trying to hide it from David, but he always knows. Jason seems not to care. We’re sweating too much to argue.

After two days of going up and down this magical place, we take a break underneath the orange umbrellas were David and Jason keep discussing details on how to make a drone shot better and if the quality of the Osmo camera will be good enough for the final product. I just listen to them, sweat and learn. Feeling lucky of being right next to this two, and that they are willing to answer every single one of my silly questions.

Feeling lucky of being right next to this two, and that they are willing to answer every single one of my silly questions.

When Jason got the call about this job, they were endless discussions about whether accepted or not since the location, building or hotel was such a mystery. But they went for it (glad they did) and a few days later, we were on a plane to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Working at this place really was one of this reality-exceed-expectations moment. When you get to the entrance, you have no idea what’s coming after. Six floors of incredible villa style apartments that can host complete families. Up to 75 people. All that plus a cave that looks Rainforest Cafe inspired for those who dare to sleep close to the skies.

When you get to the entrance, you have no idea what’s coming after. This place looks like was built by a Disney-Meets-DrSeuss architect. An amazing individual that we got to meet a few hours after we check into our enormous room.

The entrance is humble compared to what you’re about to see inside. We are greeted by the incredibly friendly staff that walk us into our “room”. As he opens the door, all I can think of is “wow”. This place is incredible. Lucky me? I got the left side of this humongous villa or suite style condo, just for me. Pretty sweet.

After going through details on how to operate the air conditioner in the room, what’s in the fridge, drinking water, and keys, we all sit down in the spacious living room looking relieved. This is a freaking paradise!

An hour went by and the owner came to say hi. I’ve always said that Brandamos attracts incredible characters, but he tops every character I’ve met so far. A dreamer with unlimited funds that fall in love with Mexico and has acted very smart about it to stay safe inside his very own dream castle.

After the story, we get details on what he wants us to film and send us over to his favorite restaurant. I am delighted by his stories but started noticing how the heat takes your breath away, but at the same time allows you to go up and down the stairs without passing out. Because let’s be honest, no normal person would climb up this hills without having to catch a break every now and then.

I wish I was wearing something different, I think as we walk inside a fancy restaurant by the beach were a chunky 4-foot guy with hilarious accent welcomes us into Daiquiri Dicks(who would pick such a name for his place, really). I am sure this is not the best place to eat tacos, I think but I keep it to myself. Can’t say no to a fancy dinner. We’ll get to the tacos later, I know they would listen to me about that. Patience, we just got here.

Strange how I feel like I belong here, even though I think from time to time about the dangers of Mexico. But I am sure we’ll be fine since the whole town is probably aware that we are the gringos who came to work for the owner of Villas Mediterraneas. After a great dinner, we walk down to the Malecón, (a 6,000 ft. pedestrian sea walk that is a cultural hub with artwork by local artisans, street performers, and award winning restaurants and bars) to take the obligated photo, then we walk back to catch a taxi back to the Villas.

There’s still so much work ahead of us. This day was long and exhausting, but I can’t wait to see what’s next…(To Be Continued)