The first time I heard the word adulting, I was completely lost. Seconds after an extensive research about millenials and their behavior cross my path at work after I was told to study them along with the gray hat- white hat SEO booklet the dragon lady gave me. After days of studying a generation that I clearly dont belong to (despite what my almost-my-age former boss believe to be part of) came to the conclusion that millenials are right about one thing: adulting sucks.

The day I left EDF was all a blur.  I remember smoking a cigarette with the disgusting copywriter that got my job while I was advicing her about the horrendous department she was about to join. And it wasn’t after a month, in a day like today that I realize how much I hated being there.
When you are there, it’s like you are sucked into this awful environment that swallows you hole and turns you into a brainless minion, all run by this evil dragon lady that always has a big fuck you in her face(even though she never raises her voice). I have nothing against that company, the owners are beautiful people, and there’s even nicer people around. But where I had to work? My department? it was nothing but non-stop lame complains about how much they hated there but guess what, they never left.

When my miserable self finally decided that was enough and started looking for a way out of hells kitchen, went through this “I am too old for this shit” period to finally find something worth trying.  But went for it anyway.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I left. And my job is pretty challenging. Probably has something to do with my lack of understanding of the american humor, some sayings and certain things(I don’t get even though I am fully bilingual) give me a hard time in this gringo work world I decided to join. But this is just the beginning. And like the soldier I am will do this even when I know I started a little later than 20 something years old, but it seems to be working ok. Even if adulting sucks this much.