I think last time someone sent me home for being sick I was probably 11. But to be honest, it was a relief. I don’t really pay attention to colds. Mind you I spent half of my childhood at the doctor. That is probably why I completely avoid them now.

Today, I was coughing so bad that my 25 year old supervisor chased me to the bathroom and sent me home. It is funny, and at the same time I thought, maybe I should listen to her and really go to the doctor.

Did I mention she asked me for a doctors note? Funny again. When I told the Doctor the story she said she laugh and told me: Everything you have, you probably got it from someone at work, and it’s not thar you are a child in school to need a note from me…Where is it that you work again?

I smiled and told her, I work in a corporate office Doctor, but trust me, it is not the company. Sigh…

Doctor’s note, prescription, and sent home a couple of hours later realize… Maybe this forced time off will give me the balls to make a move to go write for a cause that actually matters. To be surrounded with meaningful people(unsure if I’ll get lucky enough to find that again). To make a difference, or at least try next to people who actually give a shit. 

Maybe all that medicine will do the trick to convince me to chase freedom and happiness once again.