If it wasn’t for my friend Kathy, I wouldn’t be into fish. Beta Fish are one of those rare fish that need to be alone, would kill their partner, and need warm water to survive. The day I brought Grumpy in a “decorative” bowl, I had no idea how to take care of him, or what were his need to stay alive. I was also terrified of adding another pet to our lives for him to day next day. My 5 year old does not understand death (not that I do), and after our 14 year old bear died, we were reluctant to adopt someone else.

Three dogs later, Grumpy came into our lives. Beautiful in color with a face that he is about to punch someone, we welcome him to be part of our lives.

What do you do with a fish? Other than looking at him, feed him, and clean his tank? Seriously, it is not a lot of fun, and you will always think, one day, he will be floating in the water. Lifeless.

Last night, I noticed he was not moving. Petrified of the fact that my son will find out, I pointed at my husband and whisper: “The fish is dead”. I took my son into the room with a lame excuse, so he could send him to “fish heaven”.

This morning I couldn’t help it. I had to turn off the tank and stop pretending he was there. I told my son: Grumpy is in fish heaven now buddy. He looked at the tank and asked, what did you do with it mommy? I said, buddy, he left us last night, he is now in fish heaven with Bear and many other fish. He looked at me and asked: Will he be ok? I said, well, yeah… Fish heaven is a great place to be, unlimited food, friends, lots of bushes… (Felt so lame). He took a pause like he was thinking and said: Great, can we get a turtle? Plop.