When I grew up there was only one option. Being Catholic. There were some jews in my city, but for us being jewish was like being a foreigner. You had that religion because it came with you, like having eyes or ears.

Year after year, Sunday after Sunday I would followed my grandma to church, more because I loved being with her rather than being interested in what the priest had to say. I never stop wondering, why do they have to be so boring? Why dont they talk in a language that everybody can understand? Obviously catholics knew nothing about marketing, I always said.

Years later, after I moved to Miami I started noticing other options, other believes, and people without religion, and without faith or church I continued to live my life without any problems, or fear of going to hell… Got married to a men I sill love like the first day…. Until I had Max, and the celebrations started.

When you have a kid, your life completely changes. You start celebrating every single event, and every single holiday. Now he is five and here I am wondering. Should I introduce religion to him? Should I follow Catholics again? Should I tell him about Jesus, but then accept Santa like they did in my house? A friend was telling me I should find a church to meet people like me, with kids, to make community, but is joining a church the answer to my questions? Is the Catholic church the same in this country? Why is there so many variations of the same story?

One thing I know for sure, values, respect and manners are all taught at home. And that is something we work with Max every day. Is the part of Santa vs Jesus, and the “generic” holiday they celebrate here trying to be politically correct by including everybody.

I am not sure if I want to join a church, make my agnostic husband do something he doesn’t want t do or believe in. Maybe I will celebrate love and family untill my son ask me one day the question I know is coming: mommy, what is god? what is religion? I just hope there’s something in google for that when the day comes. until then, happy holidays world!