I wonder how many of you feel miserable right now. With your life, with what you’ve accomplished, but must of all, with work.

How many people in the planet hate what they do and wish they were doing something else for a living.

How many would give the world to love what they do…

The other day I read something that said; love what you do, do what you love.

What a load of crap.

I look at my husband tell my 5 year old, buddy, most of the time you do what you have to do, then you do what you want.

And we grew up thinking… That we are fucked. We have to grow up, work like donkeys on a third world country, pay bills, and die.

Then when do we live?

I wonder. If I am giving a chance to do something I would love doing for a living, will I take it? How long will that last?

What I want to do, how I want to be has always been different than what I am at the moment, no matter what. Because we were told than, most of the time we will hate what we do and we have to be ok with it.

That is what our parent told us. That is how it “supposed to be”

I say fuck it.

Get up tomorrow and be whoever you want to be. (Wouldn’t that be nice)

Live like you’re dying. Learn like you mean it. Love with every inch of your soul.

Never stop wondering, never stop questioning. Most of the things you were told are bullshit.

Dont take shit from no one.

Life is short. Too short to be miserable.