All my life I’ve been self-conscious about my body for different reasons: Wearing a bikini was probably one of the biggest ones. But it wasn’t until I got bigger that I realized that I wasn’t really fat back then, it was just society’s standars who made me feel that way. Years later, I moved to the country where people are obese because of the sugar and fat intake and started thinking: who gives a shit? Nobody. 
Society tells us every day what to wear, how to act, what to do and what are we supposed to look like, which takes me the fact that being fat is really not the worst thing you can be. I am aware that carrying extra weight has some issues. Sex is more complicated, not all clothes fit like it should and maybe some parts of your body hurt but at the end, it’s your own problem, is yout life, and it is not the world’s business. Is your own journey.

I say the way I see it. Are you unhappy with your body? Change it. You hate your life? Change it. But do it for you, not because society tells you that you have to be that way.

I recently met someone who lost a lot of weight because she was unhappy the way she looks. And I’m like, great! I admire people with will power. But now that she looks “good”, the way shes supposed to look, I think she is still miserable.

Let me share this. If you are miserable inside, changing the outside wont do it. You have to start by changing the inside first.

I am not perfect, I didnt come to this world to judge or to be judged.

For that I stay fat. I dont care what the world thinks or the way we have to look.

I eat healthy for the most part, I just love food and chocolate, and I really don’t care about the fucked up standards society sold me some day.

Happy to live in the “all sizes” country.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror and answer this question: is the problem really outside? Or inside. Only you know.