When someone once told me that the heart didn’t look like a nicely shaped lollipop, some how I was not surprised. How can something that hurts so much could be that pretty?

What an ugly vital piece, I thought.. How can you hurt me like that?

How can you made me do so many stupid things throughout my entire life?

Shame on you, you could have save me so many tears… So much trouble!

But at some point… I stopped being angry at my heart for being a fool. One day, not sure how that happened but it did. I stop caring…. And even though I am still driven by my emotions a lot, I don’t get hurt like I used to.

I think my heart got wiser. Stop attacking my brain so much and said: You know what?

Fuck it. Is not that important. Then I stopped caring, that much.

Grow up! They say….

Why? I wondered… What is there?

Who knows…. All I know is that Love is everything. I would do anything for love. I would do anything for family. Love is everything.

All about love.