Wait, what? “Yes, when you write on behalf of a company, you can’t write only for moms”. Let me digest that. What an understatement. Little did I know that I was “too much of a mom”.

Not only that. I am a mom FIRST. That will always be the case.

Not sure what to do about it. Not sure what it means. Too “mom”-like.

Let me wipe my entire essence out, convert myself into a robot and start tipping.  Little mommy me trying not to get offended, because “you can’t take it personal girl” (how else should I take it?) start all over again, trying to remove any personal opinion, and any other crib-related comments (mind you my son is not a baby anymore) to give birth to a “professional” piece.

Nothing. No answer.

Is one of those days when I am doubting about my writing skills and wonder… Should I do something else for a living? Shit.

Or maybe, just maybe will keep looking for that place where you are accepted for your own opinion. If there’s such a thing… At this point I am not even sure.

Today, I can’t help the feeling of… You are just one more corporate monkey. Let the system suck you right in. Until there is not one drop left of the real you? Oh well. 

Let’s end this soul sucking thought.

Maybe there’s a way of being yourself inside this world filled with questionable rules.

Hope. That is something I never loose.