We celebrate everything. Christmas, father’s day, thanksgiving, and every other day the calendar tells us to. The problem of living by everything that happens on the calendar is that you feel every inch of each date or moment, and then it hit me. I am not free this summer! and I am unsure what happened before this year, or why I’m I feeling so glumly about it, but the fact that the summer is here and I cannot do whatever I want is making me ill. I guess my son was not in school before? No wait, he was… Was he off last summer? Nope… He went to Happy Crayons… Then why do I want to be off? To do what? I know if I was free I would eventually start complaining about how bored I am. Probably is because not so long ago I joined the corporate world. Don’t get me wrong. I like what I do, but every now and then I can’t help wonder. What would have happened if I kept the other journey? Will I feel free? Does freedom come from what you do? Or probably from the inside… I guess for now I’ll never now. I will keep doing what I do while encouraging my son to enjoy his summer, even thought he might say one day like a friend at work told me. Oh, I don’t know what is like to have a summer off, I always went to summer school.. And I am thinking, oh that is fucked up. That was never me, I was always off for the entire summer. I guess in my house there was always someone to be with. How screwed up is this system? Where lonely parents have to work their asses off to barely make rent? But that is a complete different subject. This mommy blogger will plan a future summer with the kid that he can remember forever so he doesn’t have to say that he never was off an entire summer. We will go somewhere where we can pretend that nothing else matters, and that we are free of attachments, free of commitment. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy that adventurous summer camp, and that you grow a few inches taller while you run, jump and make new friends. I will keep doing that thing I do to make sure you have everything you need. Starting with love.