egg nonsense

So, let me see if I understand this. Parents have to step aside from the 4-5 year old kids, stay calm behind the gate, let your kid go to the field with other children and only the park staff and wait? OK, if my son was 3, I would probably freak out but I didn’t. He is 5 now, “I have to let him do this!”- I thought. And he went there, sat with other kids, didn’t cry, only got up and came to me once to spit out a candy he didn’t like (still unsure where he got it from) and went back to sit down. 30 minutes after, we kept our poker face, all supportive while thinking, where the heck is that freaking helicopter? Yes, somehow an Easter Egg Hunt party turned out to be a Marshmallow drop. Do I get it? No, but I still went for it. Helicopter arrive, my son was doing so good! He enjoyed it, Easter Bunny (what is the relationship with him and the egg again?) came, on your marks, set and… Max get up, he can’t hear me, get up buddy! GET UP!!!!

He sat down there and freaked out. Help him! Help him! No one person from the staff said, kid get up and go. He got up, it was probably too late. He was strangely disoriented, nobody told him what to do… Not even me. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

At the end, he got a bad of candy from participating in it (yes, everybody wins type of thing) and 3 eggs. I have to admit I was dissapointed at him, but that was not his fault. Nobody taught him what an Easter Egg Hunt was all about. Hey after that we went home and practice, because I realized he might not have a competitor in him, just like his momma. But I promise, and I repeat this to myself, that my fears wont be his fears. That he is a different individual and he will conquer every challenge with our help and encouragement. Because this egg nonsense was just a lesson for us to tell us that education is a 24/7 thing. That you can never stop teaching your kids about this world. Never.