tumblr_mb6xeao5Vr1qcjadfo1_1280 Dogs break my heart. No, wait is not really dogs, is their owners, humans without humanity in them. Right when I thought, abandonment was the worst thing that could happened to a pouch, I found out that people chained dogs. People work as “flippers” something like they “rescue” dogs for profit, for false advertising. Rock bottom, people who “rescue” dogs to use them as bait dogs. Is the dog they put in the middle to heat up the fight. Simply disgusting.

And you would thing that is it. Is not. People choose to ignore a dog who is suffering on the streets. A dog in danger. They say you are as guilty when you turn your head back to a problem, to someone who is in danger. Yes. I refer to dogs as people. And I really don’t care if is grammatically incorrect. Dogs are my friends and lately, they have been everything.

I work for a very famous furniture company in Miami, and even though I love my job, it sadness me that people, yes people come around here to dump dogs. Wait, what? Yeah you heard me, people get the dog that once was a puppy and they choose to buy or whatever to dump him out of a car on an empty field, thinking oh, don’t worry, someone there will find it and save it. Him, her, run for their lives, scared, disoriented, to end up getting killed by another heartless human with their stupid cars.


She was white, with big ears. Injured in her hip, probably by a kick someone gave her. They say she was dumped here. She was so afraid of humans that I was never able to touch her. Only once she liked my hand to thank me for all the meat she was able to eat thanks to me. I gave her my entire lunch several days. I don’t care, I just can’t give my back to a dog. Who would do that? Next time you see a dog in danger and you choice to ignore her, think about this. The universe will give you back everything you do. Bad or good. I never saw her again. And if she died horribly, I am glad I didn’t get to see that. Because I would go hungry for a dog, and I would spend my entire bank account on saving one.

I prayed for this to never happened again. I was wrong.


Three days ago, I was at the light right after my work place and I was a small white dog running for its life in panic, confused, running away from all the cars. Surprisingly, everybody stop. The superhero in me got a call for action and I head over to chase the dog. I got out of the car four times. Las time I told her, come one, this is my last chance to save you! Your are heading for the highway and you are going to die today! And she let me grab her. I took her home. My husband knew I had to do it. I am so happy I married someone who love animals as much as I do. And I already have two other rescues. And is not easy. I haven’t slept for the past few days. She is still scared, nervous. I am putting ads everywhere to see if I find their owners. Bu I am afraid she was running away from them. And my life now is complicated, crazy, my house gets dirtier with three dogs and a child. (yes I have a kid, and yes he is allergic, yes  But when they look at you, the lick your hand or face, they thank you. Because like my husband says, they are living in borrowed time. And even though some times I would like to have a clean house and some alone time, I wouldn’t want my life to be any different.

And any time you help a dog in need, know that you are one step close to heaven. And all the dogs that are gone from this planet will be waiting for you there to play. Forever.