We were buying a thing or two at the Whole Foods Market, when my mom saw the promotion about this Brut Rose champagne and said, hey, let’s get it. At that point I said why not, that might be something that will probably lift me up and get me out of this cranky mood I’ve been on lately. I completely forgot about it until Ney Years Eve came and I saw it. Mom! Let’s chug this down! It’s not too cold she say… Let’s add and Ice cube I replied. At that point, I took a bunch of the much hated #selfies of all of us with a festive face while we drank the whole bottle. My husband was not drinking so now that I count, we probably had three or four small glasses each. Not bad uh? We left the house and went to Gulfstream to watch the concert of the nostalgic group from Spain Gypsy Kings. We had probably two more glasses each. That was six. At some point, I remember thinking, why don’t we have one more? I better not I say, I would like to do something tomorrow.

I felt fine. I got home I felt ok, I woke up to drink a bunch of water and I felt ok. Not sure what trigger the evil day that I went through right after, but somehow I poisoned myself with pink champagne. I threw up all day. I thought I was dying. I did nothing but sleep, wake up, empty my soul up on the toilet and shake. I was so sick that I couldn’t even understand why this happened to me. Really? Is this what I’ve come through? six glasses of champagne will murder me so bad that I am out of commission for an entire day? Crap. This sucks. I can’t drink anymore. In this insane journey I am living, my liver at some point said. Do-not-drink anymore. Get it, I will make you so sick that you will ask for mercy. It’s like he talked to me.

Yet here I am. I manage to go back to work, thinking about the start of this 2015. How maybe what happened to me yesterday was a sign to cleanse my body, to get rid of all the things that are so bad to me. I think I am ready to listen and start making a list of the no, nos. Alcohol is at the top. Bad mood is next (goes against the crave for chocolate) and probably I’ll try again the vegetarian thing for respect to all earthlings.

Maybe I needed a wild wake up call to tell me to change certain things. But like I thought at midnight on New Years Eve while I sipped on the evil champagne and complain for the lack of grapes, maybe this year will be different. Maybe I will wish less and do more. Cheers.