He lid another cigarette and hit the table as he screamed at him for a small sales percentage lost in august. We all look at each other like…Not again. My head started boiling as he kept talking. Pregnant as I was, filled with crazy hormones and stupid emotions all I could do is shed a hidden tear for the injustice occurred in the room. But in the inside what I really wanted to do is chop his head off and feed it to hungry wolfs. Movie style.

But things changed when Friday came. Lonely as he was, miserable for living a double life, he started looking for people to party. And someone always fall for that. Booze poured non stop feeding those naive souls that all they wanted was free alcohol. And they started talking. Vomiting their most precious secrets and feelings. Little did they know everything was used later, against them. As the most horrific way of, everything you say or do will be held against you, as soon as you fucked up.

When I started there, I had this need of make everybody like me. Instantly. Up to these days, I think i still do that. But that’s another story. I will make my “I don’t give a fuck” blog from the minimalists my manifesto.

I think my arrival shifted things for him a little bit. People thought at the beginning, that I was a uptight mean bitch. How…Not sure. Mean? sure… Angry? Moody? why not. But what they didn’t know is that I made my mission to make everybody my friend. And little by little, I started earning everybody’s love. I am proud to say that I made good friends on the way. Little did I know, I got in his way of dirty parties. I became a problem because I was a threat to exposed his double life.

He hated me for that, he tried to make my life difficult in any possible way. He couldn’t screw me so I went for my husband. But I don’t hold grudges. (Even though I do blame him for us leaving Cali) I say what I had to say. I emailed my evil-but-true words to him after I left to make sure he kept it. And that’s what he did. Because nobody has ever called him a rampant-asshole-that-lives in a sand castle before. And even though he keep being god for my family by making the numbers while he bleed his crew to death without recognition or any credit whatsoever, one day that life he lives will fall apart. Because no one can live a lie forever.