1382708957142224Not sure why my newsfeed on Facebook has turned into this gut-wrenching emotional crushing not stop videos of humans hurting animals. Maybe is because of what they know about me? But that has turned me into a wimp. I have been with watery eyes day and night. I am exhausted.

If is not the huge dude hurting a seal, is the psycho lady killing a small fox with an electrical wire, the lady “training” a monkey by beating him up with a stick, or the abandoned dog chained to a tree… And here’s me wondering, what’s is wrong with this world? Why are we killing, abusing, animals like that? Ignorance someone may say… But I think even if you’re dumb as it comes…. You have to know right from wrong. You have to know what cruelty is.

Can we stop this? I am not even sure…. And just to add to the pile of abuse that is occurring in the planet we are destroying… Commercial fishing. Don’t know what that is? Basically when they wipe the entire spot with a huge net, killing everything that was living in the area. Mass-produced crops, altered, huge, Frankenstein seeds. And like if that wasn’t enough…

The stuff we put in our food, soaps, shampoo, detergent, floor cleaner… Again. Exhausting.

We are killing everything around us. And it seems like the same people who abuse nature, is eventually going to die from what they put in their bellies. You don’t know? Yes sir, you are killing the animal for their fur, abusing that other innocent animal because you can, killing every inch of ocean to have a can of tuna… Thinking you are the master of the universe.

Let me break it down for you, you are the beast here. You are abusing, but you are also dying inside. All those chemicals you are also putting in your food are slowly killing you. And that makes me believe in karma.

We are doing this to ourselves.

So, how can we be better? The unthinkable happen in my house. My meat-eater-yet-adorable husband is also questioning what the heck are we eating. He is re-evaluating the way we eat for him, for me, for our son.

Because think about this, how far can you go by eating cereals, mil, meat that has been feed with monster seeds? How much of reds and yellows and blues can your body take? Your dad, my grandpa, her mom. All had cancer. My friend’s son.. autistic. My nephew… dyslexic. Why do you think that is? My loved husband wants to stop eating meat! How fucked up is this world that someone who’s favorite food is bbq pork say, you know what? I have has enough of this shit. We have to make a change. For us, for our son.

He is right. Since we can stop all at one, we decided to do it one step at the time. Because we care, because we want a better world for our son. And we might not be able to change it all at once, because healthy food is expensive, because unfortunately living chemicals free seems almost impossible.

But we can try. So we made a list of the grains, veggies, milks, nuts, fruit we will eat from now on. Because the forces of nature heard me and are pushing us to make a change.

Here I am on my day one of not eating meat. For respect, for those poor defenseless animals. Because I choose to be a better person, a better example for my family.

And you, abuser, you mega-corporation who mass-produce everything and then stuffed it with chemicals, SCREW YOU.

We will win this battle. We would spread nothing but love around us. While eating cleaner and better. While we chew on organic mixed greens.