So you feel it coming. You know you are getting sick. Immediately you take the Peruvian homeopathic remedy and start chugging it down. But that was useless. Sitting at your desk, you start getting this bone chilling-muscle breaking-bitching pain and all you can think is why…. why f%&*^ me. I just started this job that I am happy about…Writing! But not today honey. As fast as you can, you get on the car and blindly manage to get home safe for a horrendous night of fever, vomit, nightmares and nothing but freaking pain in your bones. All the way to your soul. And what’s with the red eyes! Its like I have this bug eating me alive inside! Shit! Of all the humans I know, I am the one who hates being sick the most. At this point, there’s no herb recipe that will help me. So I get the last box of antibiotics that my mom brought me, because I need to shoot this bitch some how. I’m on my second day, with hope under my sleeve and lots of liquids, I will kick this cold to the curve. Because even though fall season has officially kicked into my home, we are kicking right back! That’s right. Go away f$%^&ing cold!