I woke up thinking how is the idea of the office related to the one I wrote years ago. Because I am not the office bitch this time! I think is because there are always the same type of people in all the offices, no matter what job you get or where you work. Think about it…This pattern started to build up in my head when I started at that production company years ago.
The main character was the little girl, the hard working one, the loyal, nice girl. Im sure if you look around you will find here. She might be sitting next to you… Or maybe you could be her? Her name was Maria…. She was the best.
Then you find the opposite. Yes. You are new, which sucks so you try to be nice to everybody but there is this person you meet in the hallways who wont say hello, look at you from top to bottom like you are ugly, and when you finally cross paths with here you realize. Oh, I get it you are a bitch! Thats fine… I don’t know your battle, I don’t judge. Lets move on… Right?
And now I sit next to the sweetheart. The one everybody loves. And now pregnant. Yes, you wanna be friends with that one! She knows the ups and downs of the business, and the people. And then you meet people with good intentions, nice people. How can I not want to be friends with them? Not possible. Curious about why there are so many from my country… Oh well.
Last on my mind. The ones with power. I am not sure why they intimidate me, maybe is because besides the knowledge on a field, they have the balls to be the boss? And I don’t lack skills, I am pretty good at what I do, maybe because I dont have the balls? Oh well…!) and I’m missing the one who knows everything about everything, the idiot, the pretty one, the stalker, the one that’s been there forever. And at the end, I have been through this before. I could be worrying a lot of being the new one, being able to pass the probation period, but I guess all I can do is be good at my job, and in the meantime if a new friend comes into the mix, I wont mind… Because no matter where I go, in what office I am in, the people will always be the same. Like a pattern. I guess that is life, right?