All this time I thought I wanted to be free, but when it comes to getting a steady paycheck, being free wont help. So I went back to work full time. And the job is great dont get me wrong. Writing for furniture in English? What? Daring me…. But the eyes, oh my over used, over tired, too much tv on my iPhone tired eyes… So yesterday I crashed. My emotions ate me and made me exploded. Because I have never be good about holding feelings. Hey I went to be the new one, this time not the young one, with very little to do on the first week. The first week… It goes from I’m shy and I didn’t know to embarrassed, ignored, weird… All surrounded by tall gray walls and no windows. All, hunger games style to make harder my first week. What a challenge… But the first week passed. And I made it happened. Getting the job was rewarding, easy I must say, now the challenge will be excel at it. Keep it… Pass the probation period….And I know, I will. The best is yet to come, right? With new glasses of course.