When you only have one child, you certainly believe you are the only parent in the world going through some trouble. But then you start reading about it and you realize you are not alone. But you feel alone. When you are about to have a baby you read any book in the world about it, you get ready, buy all kinds of things, you are prepared! But nobody prepares you for what’s next.

The first cold, the allergies, the transition from one thing to another one, the hospital visits, the day care, the other daycare, the school, the milestones, delays, comparisons,  the neighborhood that you are living in vs. the one you should move to, and if you think you don’t have enough… The Poop problem. Yes, you heard that right. Some kids do that, what? Poop? Not all of them do it everyday, some hold it in for days, and some think they can stop the poop forever. My son is one of them.

Since his speech skills (that’s another story) is not up to date, sometimes is hard to understand him, but yesterday he told me, Mami, I stop the poop. I stop it. Have you ever tried to reason with a four year old? They only understand what is convenient to them! And since they don’t that is not a possible thing to do, all the conversation we can maintain is very limited to, Max go to the toilet, no Mami, I stop the poop, Max GO DO IT! And you try not to yell, you go to the organic market and buy fiber, probiotics, aloe vera, positive energy candles, some rescue medicine for him, some for us and you hope for the best. Because we still don’t know if this is a psychological issue or a physical issue. Who knows… But I am done suffering for this. We have tried everything, since enemas, laxatives, pills, videos, nothing works. He has the power of solving this, just like he has the power of holding it. It’s like, look what I can do…And we feel helpless. Because this started for no apparent reason. And here we are, another Saturday where we would probably stay home because we can’t go anywhere if he keep refusing to poop. And we have 2 more weeks until we go see a gastroenterologist. And a family therapist. Maybe one of those two geniuses will help this desperate parents with the so called very common these days, The Poop Problem!