Sitting at the rehab center lounge at the Memorial Hospital while I wait for my son to get out of speech therapy, I can’t help wonder… What is wrong with the world now? Why are so many kids with so many issues? Delays? Why are so many little humans falling behind? With unresponsive bodies and troubled minds? And the look of exhaustion and sadness on their parents faces… Its sometimes refreshing…. Don’t get me wrong, but I get some relief by knowing that kids with delays come in all types. Do I look that worried? Not sure. Here he comes… My little angel, that didn’t ask to be brought to this complicated world. Always with a smile, always so bright yet so clueless… I can’t help to keep wondering…What’s wrong with the world momma? And no matter what you feel like, no matter what is troubling you, you have to get up and keep doing what you do, because like someone once told me… You brought him to this world, now you have to keep going. Even if you feel like you can’t.My Angel