My Sensational Child

Don’t read more things from webmd my aunt says. You will go crazy. You cannot diagnose your son. You have to take him to a doctor. sigh… Maybe she is right…
My son is ultra sensitive to so many things, and I over worry, just like that facebook post say. When you are a Mom you face fears you didn’t even know you had. Also your are stronger than before (sometimes) Anyway, aren’t we all ultra sensitive to something? Aren’t we all allergic to some medicine, food or environmental matter? It is what it is. This world is getting more complicated as we speak. But how come all those syndromes and diseases didn’t exist before? Are we getting ultra sensitive about our own kind?
Yes, my son is allergic to a bunch of things, even to our dogs, he doesn’t like many things to wear, eat or he might be sensitive to shampoo and the vacuum cleaner. But again, aren’t we all? Half of me says, stop worrying, and the other half says, take your kid to a hospital and stay there until you know everything is normal. But these, please define normal. And is that what you really want him to be? Will be happier? No. Will be better? No.
Why is society try to fit us in a square and force us to follow certain standards? why can he be free and do whatever he wants to do and then be? I know… because to break the rules you have to learn them first. But I can’t help wondering, why spend all your life trying to belong when at the end that is not important at all?
Fear is what society put inside our brains so we all follow the world like cows…
To find at the end that being happy is the most important thing in the world.
Here’s to you Max, my sensational child, because even though Mami is incredibly afraid of failing, being rejected or abused by someone, she will do anything (or more) in her power so you turned out to be a happy, happy, fine grown man.
And in the meantime, you keep counting numbers, blowing bubbles, eating pizza and catching lizards, that I will be here ready to fight any battle with you. No matter what that is.