When I was little I didn’t get dirty much, mostly because of my allergies. Thats part of the reason why I let my son get dirty and experiment with all kinds of stuff. And even though I am not the rainbow spaghetti, tupperware kind of mom, i do go to Pinterest some times to find recipes to do cool things. This time was Sid the Science kid that told us we should make slime. You gotta remember I wasn’t raised with this kind of stuff or play with goo when I was a kid but here I am mixing corns starch with water and paint, and even though I forgot the right recipe I gotta say I am enjoying this as much as he is!
Its a hard substance that when you touch it, turns into liquid. Now I believe any parent should do this!
And if you are worried about your furniture, do it outside. Not the case here. So, slowly I slime away my concerns and I leave that little girl that couldn’t even touch a chalk without getting red in the past. All thanks to my son. I learn so much about him every day…