So my son finally poops in the toilet. In school. See it to believe it? Right…
We celebrate, got presents, throw this exaggerated party around it. We got pizza (again) and then he asked for a diaper. I sat with him hoping for the best after convincing him that he doesn’t need diapers anymore. Nothing. So he got the diaper, wore it and head out to daddy’s chair to.. yes. Poop. Monster poop after, here I am with him in the bathtub, thinking. This reward chart is a joke. Kids do whatever the heck the want, and the
will let us know when they are ready. Like every step with my son has been. He does it, like he’s done it all his life.
Heres some news for all the moms out there making rainbow spaghetti and celery cookies. No matter how hard you try to fake it to your friends on facebook and pinterest. At home you have to face reality. So go ahead, I dare you to share the real reward chart with the world!