Kids not only don’t come with a manual. Moms forget how hard everything was! It has to be related to preserve our species otherwise I don’t get it. This is not as bad as breastfeeding (that was a terrible time I have buried in the ground) but is kind of hopeless. Have you ever worked and act blindfolded, clueless, ignorant about something and still do whatever you think is best? This is me thinking, once he pees in the toilet we won this one. Not even close. What about poop mami? Oh snap…My son hates pooping. As simple and as complex as, you have to go anyway and do it!
Or you get sick…
I wont mention everything I’ve done, thats besides the point here.
How did we do it? Is it my inability to understand a penis? No… We are talking about poop, right?
Far from winning this one, I run to get more stickers and pull ups for what I believe is another marketing lie…
If it was up to me, he will be going commando and making it right next to his puppy in the yard…
But Instead, I buy more stickers, hoping for a better potty training day tomorrow.
What a load of “crap”