Mami look! An Ouchi!
What??? Yes! A Boo Boo! Oh.
So I turn back to school.
My son has a giant red mark in his arm.
Some thirsty for blood little vampire bit him. What happened? I asked. So he yells, who bit Max?
A little 18m baby who was passing by got stuck with my sons arm. Just because he touch her…
Is this the beginning of the so called bullying? A word that didn’t even exist when I went to school?
My son doesn’t really care. His reaction? Take the midget out of his arm and keep going. He doesn’t know evil. Is it wrong to raise a happy kid in a rude world? Do we have to prepare our kids for war so early? Like my husband say, do not shelter him. Later is going to be rough. But all I want to do is put a tent over him so nothing hurts him. So we can keep swimming in this world filled with Meko Sharks.