The night before I move back to Florida, I was chatting with my long time friend about organic food. Vegan at heart, she was saying, be careful with the food you put in your body, it is not only junk food, carbs and sugar the problem. It is the non organic food that can cause cancer and many other diseases. Now that you have a baby, be careful…

And I came back to Miami, forgetting what she told me about the world of food that I was about to face again, until I reached the first supermarket. And then the fast food places and my son’s school menu. That is when we began to worry. Because when you have a relationship with food the way we do, is basically the center of our lives. And that is something my father hates but that’s another story.

So we started researching, and the thing is the more you read about it, the bigger the confusion is. Just by asking yourself this question: If I buy organic butter, does it means the cow that gave me this butter was fed with non GMO food? 100%? Same with chicken, fish, apples, bananas… Yogurt, and even chips. How do we eat organic with a budget? How do we keep our food as healthy as possible? Is the answer grape seed oil, cage free eggs, whole grain bread, organic bananas, and mercury free fish? Are we really safe like that? Wow, stop right there. We are not.

But when you have been worry free about what you eat, drink or do in your life, you have to start slow. Like my sister would say, I shop a Whole Foods for my daughter and anywhere for us, at least we are not poisoning her. Is it really that bad? Are we really going to get cancer because our lettuce is not organic?

Baby steps, he says, of course I agree. We want to give our kids the best but we also don’t want to raise them inside a bubble so the first time they have chicken nuggets they go to the hospital. I think in life there is always a middle point. Where we do our best and teach them to make wise choices. Even though is not always possible.