Here’s a brief story of how a little white chubby ball changed my life and turn me in to one of those “Moms”. He came to this world with a plan; to help Mom find her new career, and her new life.  And to become independent, so she can teach me how to be independent. One day…

Imagine a world where everything is so big and tall and nothing is within your reach.  A huge world filled with inexplicable foods, strange people who touch your head and tell you how big you’ve got. (Really? I can’t still reach anything…)

I came to a world where everything is insanely cold, bright, complicated. Inside I was so warm, had my favorite food, all the love of this lady I will later call Mom. And now I am here.

And then I understood that there is not only up, but there is also down, that I can soon drink something with my own hands, that I seat down, then crawl, then stand up and that little by little I am able to reach things like the dog, the trash cans, and any other tiny thing that not even my mom can see.

And now I can speak! I get to say what I want! (Kind of) But there’s a problem. I am not tall enough to reach the toilet, the faucet, the shower pipes, I cannot set up my own bath, make my own meals, oh boy I still need mom!

So I run to mommy. And she helps me. She set things up so I can attempt to do it on my own. Like my own routine on the fridge or the colorful thing that helps me reach the faucet!

I Love my Mommy, and she loves me more! Image